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Scheduling and Delivery Questions

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If you're ready to rent your Goodtainer™ Portable Storage Unit, Click HERE to get started or give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

Our typical delivery time is the next business day of placing an order. However, we may be able to get a box to you sooner for an expedited delivery fee. Expedited delivery will be dependent on box availability, time of year, and delivery zone. For immediate service questions please feel free to give us a call!

If you've already scheduled your delivery for a certain date and need to change that date, give us a call and one of our service reps will assit you in rescheduling your delivery date.

Once you've finished packing your Goodtainer™ and it's ready to be stored or moved to another location, give us a call and a representative will assist you will relocating your unit. There is a one time fee of $85 to transfer your loaded Goodtainer™ to your new location

No worries! Our Goodtainer™ rentals are month to month, so if you find yourself in a tight spot, please contact us no later than 7 business days prior to your scheduled pickup. In most cases we will be able to extend your rental period.

Cancelations regarding a delivery:
To cancel your current reservation for a Goodtainer™ before it's been delivered, you will need to call and speak to one of our representatives. Calcelations must be received 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time.

Cancelations regarding the pick up of a Goodtainer™:
If you currently have a Goodtainer on your site and have scheduled a pick up but need more time, you can cancel a pick up by giving us 24hrs notice before the scheduled pickup time.

We will make every effort to accomadate a cancelation so please contact us with as much notice as possible. Cancelations must be called in and not submitted through our website.

Although we can not promise an exact time that we will deliver your Goodtainer™, we will keep you updated throughout the process with updates and give you a guarantee within a one hour window of it's arrival

We prefer that the point of contact for the account be present when we deliver your Goodtainer™ in order to ensure we place it exactly where you want it. This is also a great time for our delivery team to go over pointers for loading and answer any questions you may have. If you're unable to be there when we arrive, no problem. Please give as much infomation when reserving your Goodtainer™ so we can meet all your needs.

Once you've requested a pick up of your Goodtainer™, you do not have to be there when we pick it up. Just ensure that your lock is removed and the Goodtainer™ is free of your belongings. Please make sure that the floor is broom clean and that no trash is left behind. We will inspect the unit, send you a final acceptance form and you're good to go.

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