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Each Goodtainer™ is rented month to month with no long term contracts required. You can rent one for as little as one month or extend the rental as long as you would like. If you're ready to rent your Goodtainer™ Portable Storage Unit, Click HERE to get started or give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

We think business should be simple and honest. Once you rent a Goodtainer™ portable storage unit, your month to month rental price will never go up as long as you have it and your account is current. Moving it to another location will not increace your monthly rental rate.

You must be at least 21 years old to rent.

Our month to month rentals are set up to bill out 30 days from the day of your rental. This rental fee is automatically processed until you cancel. When you cancel your rental, you will no longer be charged your monthly rental fee.

Each Goodtainer™ has a monthly rental rate that is charged per 30day cycle. This charge will show up on your credit card each month. There is also a one time transportation or delivery fee charged to each Goodtainer™.
The transportation fee is charged one time when you rent the Goodtainer™ and covers the cost of delivering and picking the Goodtainer™ back up when you are finished. This fee is not charged monthly. On your first rental, your subtotal will include the cost of the month's rental fee plus the transportation delivery fee. The following month's charge will only be for the monthly rental fee.

Once you register for an account with us, you will be able to rent your Goodtainer storage unit and also rent additional storage units you may require. You will also have the option to have multiple Goodtainers rented and delivered to different locations if needed.

All rentals require a credit card in order to create an account.

Please contact us via phone and we will get your account updated with the correct address.

If you need to update the credit card that we currently have on file for your rental, please give us a call and a representative will update the card information.

When you're finished with your Goodtainer™, give us a call to schedule a pickup of your unit. You must notfiy us 10 business days before you next billing cycle to cancel your service. Your Goodtainer™ will be picked up at the end of your rental cycle unless you want us to pick it up earlier.

All contracts are month-to-month. However, we do require a 10 business day notice before you decide to end your rental. This gives us time to schedule and pick up your Goodtainer™ by the end of your rental term.

All contracts are month-to-month and your rental may end during the weekend when we are closed. If this happens, we allow a grace period where you will not be charged. For example, if your container rental ends on Saturday, we will pickup the container the following Monday. You will not be charged for the Sunday or Monday.

Our minium rental period is one month although you do not have to keep the Goodtainer for the entire month. Example, you could rent the container, have it dropped off for temporary storage then picked back up the next day. In this example, you would pay for the full month regardless.

We offer a private secure site to keep your fully loaded Goodtainer safe until you are ready for it's return. For more information, give us a call.

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