Portable storage pods in Greenville South Carolina. The Best portable storage containers for Self-Storage. How Much Are Pods Rentals?

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Each Goodtainer™ is 16'Long x 8' Wide x 8' Tall or 1,024 cubic feet of total storage. Each 16' Goodtainer™ typically accomadates around the average 1,100-1,300sq feet of household goods. The 20 Foot Goodtainer™ is 20'Long x 8' Wide x 8' Tall or 1,280 cubic feet of total storage. Each 20' Goodtainer™ typically accomadates around the average 1,800-2,200sq feet of household goods. The efficiency of packing the Goodtainer may affect how much each container can accommodate. We suggest using moving boxes to pack loose items to get the most out of your storage space. If you're ready to rent your Goodtainer™ Portable Storage Unit, Click HERE to view photos of the Goodtainer™.

Yes! Our portable storage Goodtainers feature a weatherproof design that feature a Galvanized roof and framing, solid wood marine grade sub floor, foam gaskets on doors and top wall vents to allow the Goodtainer to breath.

The protetion of your personal items is one of our core principles. We've gone to great lenghts to ensure that not only the engineering and manufacturing of our Goodtainer is top notch but also securing your belongings once their inside. Each Goodtainer™ offers a sturdy marine grade and coated floor, anchored D-Ring eyelets to secure your straping and E-track system as well. We also offer a insurance program for the contents of your Goodtainer which ranges from $2,000-$15,000 in coverage.

Making the most of the available space is important when loading your Goodtainer™. This also helps with securing your items during transportation. To review helpful loading tips, Click Here.

There are many items that are not allowed within the Goodtainer for safety reasons. For a full detailed list of items that are not allowed, Click Here. Items such as flamable, hazerdous or toxic chemicals are not allowed to be stored or transported within the Goodtainer™.

There are no shelves built into the inside of the Goodtainer. Some clients choose to place metal shelving to help make the most of the space available.

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