Items Not To Store

Goodtainer™ Helps Make The Most Out Of Your Move

Items That Are Not Allowed Into Storage

The protetion of your personal items is one of our core principles. We've gone to great lenghts to ensure that not only the engineering and manufacturing of our Goodtainer is top notch but also securing and protecting your belongings once their inside. To help keep your Goodtainer™ safe from possible problems while in storage, follow these simple guidelines.

1. DO NOT Store liquids of any kind
2. DO NOT store hazerdous materials
3. Do not store explosive materials
4. DO NOT Store flammable liquids
5. DO NOT store perishables
6. Do not store items that are vulnerable to high and low tempature changes
7. A Goodtainer™ can not be used as a residence
8. DO NOT store automobiles or other gas powered engines

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